Personal Toll on Limited Vehicle Mobility – NDIS Supported

Personal Toll on Limited Vehicle Mobility – NDIS Supported

At Reverse Safe, we take our association with the NDIS very seriously. We consider the work we do to help supply and support people with mobility issues, an important part of our mission statement.

Often, blog posts are focused on products – either knowledge, or items, or both. And while this is valuable information, today we are going to focus this post on people, but before we do that, if you’d like to know more bout our NDIS products and services, you can refer to our Blog Post dated 19th July ReverseSafe Car Mobility NDIS Camera, or our NDIS website page HERE.

Now on to the topic of this post.

As a nation, with a large country, and a lot of space, we are known worldwide for enjoying our outdoors. We also have a very high standard of living, quality food, high wages, affordable healthcare, education, and so on. And it’s easy to take all this for granted. And many of us did take this for granted – until we were in lockdown and were lining up for basic supplies like toilet paper – it’s only then that some of us realised how difficult it must be for those with mobility issues.

The above link blog post, and other posts on the blog page, have covered some of the day-to-day living issues of a lack of mobility, and how, with a little planning and a lot of advanced technology, people’s lives can be improved, by restoring some of their independence.

However, the toll on a person’s physical sovereignty is more than the physicality of not being able to simply drive one’s car to buy bread, milk, and toilet paper, it’s the emotional, and phycological toll also. Thoughts range from being a burden to others to having little or no self-worth. Loneliness, fear, depression, and anxiety. Poor decision-making due to depression and anxiety, ranging from gambling & online shopping addictions, simply to feel in control, to alcohol and illicit drugs, to help forget for a short while, how you feel.

While this may seem extreme; it’s not.

Our right to be the navigator of our destiny is enshrined in our mobility, it is an Australian lifestyle ideology. The less we can “fend for ourselves” the more it impacts our psychological mindset. And once our minds are set on the negative, it is very difficult to see our worth, even when others value us.

While having upgrades to our car, or house, or work environment will not solve every one of our concerns and fears, it will allow us to participate, freely, on our own terms – and that’s what control of your own physical sovereignty truly is.

At Reverse Safe, we cannot fix every issue, but we can make the lives of the mobility challenged a little easier – which in turn makes their life a little more enjoyable, a little less dependent on others and a lot more Australian, and with the assistance of the NDIS scheme – affordable also.

For more information on how Reverse Safe can assist you, or someone you care for, with the vehicle accessory and mobility upgrades, please contact us. And don’t forget to follow up on Facebook – we’d also love to hear your feedback 😊