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December 3rd 2022, is this year’s International Day for People with a Disability, and at Reverse Safe, as a registered and proud Supporter of NDIS, we would like to encourage our clients, suppliers and those reading this blog post, to take a moment to learn, and discover, some of amazing people, and their achievements, worldwide.


First launched by the United Nations in 1992 and endorsed by the United Nations (UN) by the World Health Organization (WHO), December 3rd 2022, International Day for People/person’s with a Disability, creates the opportunity to recognise people with disabilities, currently standing at approximately 1:7, their contributions to our society, and to raise awareness, of their fundamental human rights.

The very first step to recognition, is terminology. The correct term is a person, or people, with a disability, Placing the PERSON/PEOPLE before the word DISABLE/DISABILITY ensures each person is defined as an individual with a disability, rather than a “disabled” person, respecting and admiring the individuals many skills, and qualities.

International Day for People with a Disability is a day of optimism, and support. It’s a day to recognise the incredible determination, and courage, any person with a disability, be that physical or mental, demonstrates, and to join them in reinforcing the importance of their rights, now and into the future.

If you would like to discover some of the amazing achievements by many of our more prominent people with disabilities, or discover some of the events happening around Melbourne and Australia for, or around December 3rd, you’ll find a calendar of events, and other resourced HERE.

If you’d like to know more about how Reverse Safe, and our work with persons with a disability, you’ll find information on us as a registered NDIS Supporter HERE, you can lean more about us on our Home Page HERE

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