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Fresh Window Tinting – the leader in window tinting, car care, and detailing services! Being a well-established business with over10 years of experience in the window tinting industry, we can transform your vehicle’s look into something you always dreamed of. Comfortable on the inside, long-lasting on the outside, and safer overall, our window tinting and automotive care service make the drive more enjoyable.

Fresh Window Tinting not only specializes in automotive tinting but also offers residential and commercial window tinting solutions with service areas spanning across Melbourne. Our services are rated among the best in Frankston, Cranbourne, and across Melbourne. We offer efficient, convenient, fast, and affordable service, ensuring your vehicle, home or commercial property looks the best.

What Do We Specialise In?

  • We have more than a decade of experience in the window tinting business.
  • From passenger vehicles to prestige cars, we provide window tinting for all makes and models.
  • Our window tinting services come with a warranty for your complete peace of mind.
  • We help protect your vehicle’s interior and leather upholstery from the effects of the sun.
  • We provide exceptional service at the most reasonable prices.
  • We only use window tinting products of unmatched quality.


Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

Is the interior furniture of your residence losing its color? It’s not about the dust and pollution that is getting accumulated on the window panes. The UV rays of the sun have a significant part to play in this. However, you can go for a permanent solution to this problem by opting for the best house & home window tinting service in Melbourne brought to you by Fresh Window Tinting. We are here to help you out in creating an eco-friendly shield outside your windowpane that will mitigate the impact of UV rays and contribute to safeguarding indoor furniture.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

The expenses office owners have to bear to keep the air conditioning system or heater for the entire day is not something minimal. Especially, as Australia’s temperature is either too hot or too cold, it becomes quite an expensive affair to keep the functioning of the system. However, with the fantastic services of office window tinting in Cranbourne, any office owner can save up to a lot of money on their bills.

Our qualified team design their Fresh window tinting service in a way so that it can reject more than 82% of the overall energy when compared to any standard glass in the window. Therefore, it will ensure a soothing temperature inside the office premises and automatically trim down the necessity of running the power system all day long. The one-way technology of office window tinting not only helps in maintaining interior privacy but also makes the exterior of the office look sophisticated.

Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting

Have you ever gotten into a car that has been standing in the hot sun all day? If you had a bad window tint or no tint installed, the temperature inside the car is likely unbearable. The only option available to keep your vehicle much cooler and more comfortable is to install car tinting. At Fresh Window Tinting, we offer a comprehensive range of car tinting services to vehicle owners across Melbourne.



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