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Your Guide to Front & Rear Driving Recorders

Let’s start with some terminology. Driving Recorder or Dash Cam? Dash Cam is a video camera mounted in a vehicle, and although called a “DASH” cam, most people mount them on their windscreens. The terms DASH CAM, DRIVING RECORDER, IN-CAR CAMERA, and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), are used synonymously, the various names have come about through marketing and because, in general, and especially in Australia, people like to shorten names and terms.

How do they work & why should I have one?

 Driving recorders are beneficial for several reasons, and while it may be fun to watch a funny video on Youtube that’s been recorded by a dash-cam, the truth is, they serve many useful, functional, real-life purposes, for example, recording an event, such as an accident, to give to the police or your insurance company.

When considering purchasing a Driving Recorder, it’s also important to consider the value in having both FRONT & REAR cameras. While front camera’s capture the footage ahead or in front of you, back/rear cameras increase your video coverage, giving you a much clearer picture of what is happening behind you, and in the case of an accident, your insurance company a detailed picture (literally) of what happened, even prior to the collision.

While most people tend toward purchasing a front driving recorder, having both front and rear cameras is very useful. By capturing front and back, you always have a complete record of events. And if there’s a dispute over an incident, you have indisputable you can pass on to the police, insurance company, or other parties.

How do I choose the right camera(s)?

There are many units available, and the price range, and quality of the recording, often reflect the price. Put simply, if the video is of such poor quality that you cannot clearly see/read things like number plates, then one of the major reasons for purchasing your driver recorder is diminished.

This is why you need to speak to experts in this field.

If you’re unsure of what unit is right for you, don’t be discouraged, we’re here to help. Our professional and trained Team can assist you with a unit ideally suited to your budget and make of car, and, because we are leaders in our field, we hold all the major brands.

Technology changes quickly, and that’s why our guys continue to be trained in the latest updates and upgrades. And with our extensive range, we have units to suit most vehicles.

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