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At ReverseSafe we believe every Australian should have the freedom to drive their car, take a road trip, with or without a caravan, regardless of possible mobility restrictions. And we take safety very seriously. Which is why we are proud to be a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant. We carry reversing camera systems, front cameras and related accessories, servicing individuals and industries, helping to ensure we are all safe on the road, while free to enjoy this amazing country.

Let’s talk a little about mobility restriction

Every day, each one of us uses our cars to perform routine, even mundane tasks. Grocery shopping, dropping the kids off at school, picking up a birthday cake, we effortlessly grab our keys, and leave. For some of us, such tasks take a team of people and a lot of planning, simply because of restricted mobility. However, in many cases, those restrictions can be combated with easy and effective changes, additions, or alterations, such as installing a reserving camera.

Reversafe Car Mobility NDIS Camera

Quoting from the VicRoads page on vehicle modification:

“With a camera, your vision isn’t limited to fragments reflected at odd angles in mirrors. Instead, you have high-quality, wide-angle visual data that goes straight from the camera to a monitor on your dash near your rear-view mirror. And this means that you can achieve a kind of perspective that would ordinarily be impossible without a mirror. The benefits of this increased environmental awareness can’t be overstated. They allow you to properly conceive of your vehicle’s location relative to your surroundings and how you’re situated in space”

A reversing camera system installed into a vehicle gives a driver who uses has mobility issues, or suffers from chronic back or neck pain, independence, and self-determination. Having the freedom to choose when they will visit their doctor, or family and friends, participate in activities, is liberating, and can not only improve a person’s physical quality of life, but their mental health also.

Axis 9.3″ Dual DVR Mirror Kit

Working with businesses like ReverseSafe, the NDIS has been invaluable in reinstating an individual’s choices, literally helping to restore their physical sovereignty. Subject to approval, participants can use their existing NDIS funding to purchase items, such as reversing camera systems, making the investment in a reversing camera kit, affordable.

As one of Australia’s leading reversing camera suppliers, ReverseSafe shares the same holistic approach as the NDIS; long-term plan, allowing people with a disability to freely participate in daily life.

For more information on vehicle modifications and how the NDIS can assist you, go HERE, or call them on 1800 800 110.

To review our extensive range of reversing camera kits, go HERE. To review our NDIS Policy go HERE, and to contact us go HERE, or call us on 1300 978 355, and you’ll also find us on FACEBOOK

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