Reversing Cameras for NDIS participants

Did you know that with careful planning and small investments can make a significant impact on safety and your car’s disabled-accessibility? It’s one of the investments that every driver should make when safety, mobility, and convenience matters. And by ‘small changes’, it means the use and installation of assistive equipment and devices on cars, like devices that can allow wheelchair access. But more than this usual assistive equipment and devices, car owners can also add a few more effective devices that can help protect the drivers and passengers, including those who are disabled. When it comes to making the cars safe, another set of reliable assistive and safety products are reversing camera and monitor systems. Although these are added expenses for car owners and fleet managers, its services to drivers and passengers are both helpful and priceless.

Reversing Cameras with Monitors Allow Drivers to See All Sides

Do you have that difficulty or disability in moving around or when turning your head when navigating the roads and the surrounding environment? If yes, then a reversing camera system with a high-definition monitor may be the best adaptive driving accessory to use. When cameras are properly installed, the driver with a disability will be able to see the surroundings without having to strain his neck. Also known as backup cameras, these safety add-ons are useful and popular, and a requirement for many consumers who are planning to buy their next new cars. Reversing cameras come in different designs and configurations, with reversing mirrors as the most basic, and 4-camera systems with HD displays recommended for larger vehicles, especially those that are used in various industries.

Parking or backing-up sensors can also serve as critical add-ons in cars. If your disability limits your mobility when inside the car and making it difficult to back out of spaces or park the car, then the addition of a parking sensor can also help. With the use of a backing up sensor, it will be easier for you to park or pull out of narrow or tight parking spaces in a safe manner. When surveying the environment makes it difficult because of your disability and you are not confident with your mobility when operating a vehicle, consider adding reversing cameras and systems, and let our team help you find the best kit for your needs.

Reverse Safe, Your Trusted Reversing Camera provider registered with NDIS

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At Reverse Safe, safety is our business. With 10+ years of experience in providing the market with safety solutions and equipment for various industries, we are confident in providing everyone with safety solutions that can make their life easier and safer. Today, we do not just carry reversing camera systems, front cameras and related accessories for various industries; as a recognized company, we are registered to supply reversing cameras, front cameras, and related products to participants of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). As an insurance scheme, NDIS takes a long-term and holistic approach when it comes to helping people with disability, and Reverse Safe shares the same mission. We are one of Australia’s leading reversing camera suppliers.

When safety on the road and mobility matters, there is a reversing camera system or related accessories that can be installed and can make your vehicle more disability-accessible. Let Reverse Safe be your partner; contact us today to learn more about our range of reversing products for NDIS participants.