Equip your Fleet with Visual Safety Solutions Today

Fleet management is not just about protecting the vehicles and buses that work round the clock for your business. It’s also about promoting the safety of your workers and employees who drive and manage the fleet of vehicles. Without proper fleet safety management in place, it can result in injuries and hospitalization which can have an impact on all stakeholders involved. To avoid this scenario, the best approach that an organization can take is to prepare a fleet safety management plan and invest in the right safety solutions like reversing camera systems. By installing reversing camera systems, the organization can reduce the risks of moving in reverse.

Improved visibility possible with reversing cameras

Reversing cameras designed for fleet management are often designed with multiple cameras to allow drivers a complete and unobstructed view of the environment. The most common reversing kits for fleets are the ones with two or four cameras with monitor and mobile digital video recorder (MVDR). If these reversing camera systems are installed, drivers and operators will be able to back out of the parking areas or loading areas in a safe manner. They will be able to observe and evaluate the traffic around, thus promoting safety for the drivers and the pedestrians. Most of these cameras are now rated for heavy-duty use, which means that the cameras can withstand changing weather and can work at night.

Reversing cameras are also partnered with Mobile Digital Video Recorder or MVDR for improved safety and management. Recorders like the ones from THINKWARE are designed for fleet and heavy-duty use. These recorders are designed with super night vision and come with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. When partnered with reversing cameras, fleet managers can easily track the safety performance of the vehicles, and the recording can be used as evidence against unwarranted claims.

To get the best services from the reversing camera systems, experts recommend the use of a kit with multiple cameras and comes with monitors with larger displays. Reversing kits with multiple cameras allow fleet managers to add side cameras for a complete look at the surroundings. And the use of larger displays, on the other hand, allows fleet operators to completely see in greater detail what’s happening on the sides or the rear.