Mobile Digital Recording and Reversing Camera Combo for Mining and Quarrying Use

Different types of vehicles and equipment require a different set of recommended safety accessories and equipment. Just take the case of the mining and quarrying project sites with its heavy equipment and trucks. Some of the popular vehicles and heavy equipment units used in these demanding work environments are excavators, large and medium dumpers, tipper, and large trucks. While these vehicles are considerably larger and constructed to be tough, these vehicles still require a special set of safety equipment and accessories due to the demanding work environments where they operate. And two of the popular and highly recommended safety products and systems that can be installed on these vehicles for mining and quarrying use are the reversing camera system and a mobile video digital recorder or MVDR. Here’s a quick look why the combination of an MDVR and reversing camera system will work for excavators and heavy trucks.

Reversing camera system help reduce the equipment’s blind spots

The larger the vehicles, the bigger the blind spots drivers and operators should manage. For trucks and heavy equipment, the blind spots are seen in three different parts, the rear, and the side. What this means is that truck operators may find it difficult operating the equipment especially when reversing and parking, thus creating more risks and accidents in the workplace. This problem can be addressed by installing reversing aids like a reversing camera system designed for mining industry vehicles. Designed with waterproof cables, reversing cameras can help eliminate blind spots and prevent a collision. To ensure an uninterrupted view of the surroundings, the cameras can be installed on the side, front or the rear, and the images from all cameras can be seen on a single in-cab monitor.

Mobile video digital recording for case management and performance evaluation

One device that should work well with a reversing camera system is a mobile digital recording. By recording the footage captured by the cameras, an installed digital recorder can provide a strong evidence on what actually happened at the site, especially after an accident.

In short, installing a reversing camera system with a mobile video recorder can bring in improved results for the company involved in mining and quarrying. Through its installation, both the drivers and managers can better control the risks on the project sites, and improve work on site.