Reversing Camera Systems for Mines and Quarries

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and the chances of these happening increase in work sites. For example, safety organizations have reported an increased incidence of accidents involving heavy mobile plant equipment. Struck-by and collision incidents involving mining vehicles, people and workers can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. The bigger the mining vehicle or equipment, the more difficult it is for operators and drivers to observe the surroundings due to poor visibility. As a manager in mines and quarries, it’s important to introduce controls and safety technologies that can help reduce the risks of accidents. Operators and personnel must be educated about the risks as well, and they should be trained on how to use these safety technologies and follow engineering controls.

What mine operators and employees can do

Mines and quarries have inherent safety risks, and one critical investment that can be made is to come up with a Health and Safety program suited for the industry. In Australia, mining operators and managers can use the tools and resources provided by the Mining & Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Community. This will involve the review of relevant procedures and management plans when operating the equipment and training of employees and operators regarding the recommended operating procedures.


Most of the incidents in this type of workplace are also associated with poor visibility on the part of operators and drivers. To reduce the risks of accidents, the Health and Safety Department and managers should carry out mobile plant visibility surveys to identify blind spots and recommend the best controls possible. One of the effective ways to boost visibility is to equip heavy and mining vehicles with reversing camera systems. There are specific reversing camera systems that are designed specifically for this type of working environment. These reversing cameras feature cables that are waterproof and sealed for safety. The cameras too are waterproof and feature infrared technology for night vision. In short, adding these reversing camera systems is one smart way of managing risks at the workplace, and can help protect the business and workers.