Did you know that toddlers are at high risk of being harmed by reversing cars in the driveway?

Children under 5 years are at a higher risk of being run over by a reversing vehicle due to the fact that they are small toddlers are at high risk of being harmed by reversing carsand cannot be seen while reversing. In all the driving schools we attend, we are taught how to look over our shoulder as we reverse or use the mirrors. These methods have been confirmed to be very unreliable as the number of toddlers ran over by a reversing vehicle keep growing steadily.

It is more difficult to control your vehicle when reversing than when going forward and not many drivers know this. Your only get to do a quick head check while your foot is on the gas ready to accelerate. Unless you make a full body turn which is not possible to do while driving then you end up not seeing much. You also don’t get to see vehicles approaching while in the reverse rush leading to accidents.

What is at your rear is as important as what is in front of you. The rear vision cameras allow you to save lives by clearly noticing that toddler or even a blind spot before you even start the car. These rear vision cameras are installed at the back side of the vehicle and are connected to a monitor that is mounted on your dashboard to allow you to see exactly what is happening back there.

These rare cameras work both during the day and night to keep you safe at all times. You cannot compare these cameras to anything like mirrors as they are not accurate and always give a false impression of the next vehicle or a blind spot. With the cameras, every detail given is exact including the distance displayed clearly on your monitor