Human eyes and reversing

What is the one connection we know about reversing a car and our human eyes? We use them to check what’s behind Human eyes and reversingus when reversing. Then why do we get all sorts of accidents having carefully placed our eyes back there to watch out?

Both our human eyes face the same direction and can only see up to a certain angle. Especially when you are reversing, your entire body is facing ahead including your eyes, turning them briefly to look at the rear section is only brief, hasty and not complete.

With our human eyes only able to see a short distance on the side, we leave an entire side to guess what maybe going on there. To save ourselves, we invest in frequent head checks, use mirrors to check from time to time but too bad they all fail.

The only solution that stands the test of time are the reverse camera systems that are installed in the rear side of any type of vehicle to allow a smooth reversing without having to move our heads or eyes from time to time.

Reversing cameras are the answer to today’s drivers seeing that our roads have an increased number of vehicles plying than the earlier days. They offer us a complete 190 degree vision making it possible to see everything behind your car especially while reversing.

With rear cameras, you don’t need to turn your head or fidget with mirrors; you simply rely on the cameras to send the information from back there to your monitor mounted on the dashboard. These rear cameras compensates for the human eyes errors giving you accurate coverage while on the road like that of the bird view.

By installing these reverse camera systems, you can rest assured that your reversing needs are catered for both in broad daylight and night time and your eyes are saved from all the hard work!