Prevent Pedestrian and Employee Accidents by Installing Forklift Safety

Designing a safer workplace is no longer just a recommendation; it’s something that should be included in any workplace design and operations. This is true for all types of working environments including industrial zones that use forklifts. When your business depends on forklifts and other small equipment for operations, it’s highly recommended to include a comprehensive health and safety program. And to make it happen, it pays to incorporate several forklift safety accessories and equipment. Here’s a look at two highly recommended safety equipment and accessories that you can use for your fleet of forklifts.

Forklift Pedestrian Safety Warning Light

While properly installed, the safety warning light will provide a visual warning for workers and pedestrians in the work environment. It projects a bright red beam pattern on the floor, on either (or both) side which can inform and promote safety on the production floor. The red beam produced by the safety warning light serves as a visual indicator for workers and employees. By staying out of the red beam, individuals will avoid injuries in the workplace. Forklift safety warning light is designed in different ways to suit the needs of the forklift operators and business owners. For example, Reverse Safe currently offers two types of safety warning lights: the Oval LED Pedestrian Light and the Forklift LED Red Danger Warning Light.  Both products are designed to produce visible warning lights to guide workers and pedestrians. They differ in the type of light’ emitted and its outline.

Together with the use of a reversing camera and a responsive Health and Safety Plan, this forklift pedestrian safety warning light can promote a safer working area. To learn more about this product, simply check out the website of Reverse Safe or contact its Support Team today.