Reverse Cameras Help Prevent Deadly Back-Over Accidents

The Bureau of Infrastructure Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) has published some sobering statistics about back-over accidents and child safety. Tragically, at least 75 Australian children are killed or seriously injured each year in their driveway or local neighborhood. The majority of these incidents involve vehicles that are backing up, which is where a reverse camera system could make all the difference.

At Reverse Safe, we’re committed to doing everything possible to keep kids and adults safe. That’s why we sell a variety of reverse camera kits for everything from caravans to horse trailers. This is especially important for parents of young children because they are often way too short to be seen from your typical rear-view mirror. The BITRE study indicated that 90% of deadly back-overs claim the lives of kids who are five and under.ASTRA PJ REVERSING CAMERA

Even with a reverse camera kit, we encourage you to do a visual inspection behind your vehicle before you put it in reverse. This will help eliminate your doubts and combined with the reverse camera kit, it can keep every kid in your neighborhood safe. Remember: 67% of all young back-over victims are accidentally run over by one of their relatives. We want to help you avoid this heartbreak by focusing closely on safe driving tools and techniques.

Reverse cameras will reduce your blind zones by 90% as long as you use them properly. Since these cameras have risen in popularity, back-over deaths have dropped by 31%. Protect your family with a reverse camera kit! Our trained specialists are available to help you select the ideal kit for your vehicle.