Keeping Passengers Safe Through Reversing Cameras for Commercial Buses

Reversing cameras are traditionally associated with industrial and commercial applications, specifically for lorries, construction heavy equipment units like excavators and forklifts and heavy-duty trucks. Well, this strong focus on these industries is understandable, knowing the costs involved in reversing accidents of trucks in the commercial and construction industry. According to the e Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) Fact Sheet, work-related road crashes account to 33-percent of all total occupational crashes in Australia. With a cost of multi-billion dollars, you know that road and occupational crashes are serious matters that need to be dealt with through safety technologies, reversing cameras included. But these aren’t just the vehicles that require these cameras- even commercial buses like school buses also require the services of reversing cameras. Just like in construction, these cameras serve as the partners of drivers in ensuring the safety of the road, and the passengers and pedestrians involved.

Reversing camera kits for school buses/coach

Whether it’s a rear-view camera or a reversing kit, the addition of this aftermarket part can help the driver see the rear clearly, and reverse with confidence. The monitor in the cab will capture the action at the back, especially if the driver engage the reverse gear. Depending on the kind of reversing camera kit for bus ordered, the reversing camera kit will come complete with a Mobile Digital Video Recorder which can record the reversing activities on and off the road. Depending on the camera, this can be activated manually or continuously. For many, the addition of an MDVR is a great help as it can monitors the road conditions and events leading to a crash or accident, which can serve as a protection and help during investigations, or even litigation.

Cameras from Reverse Safe, an Australian-owned company based in Victoria, are known for its durable design and construction, allowing it to work in severe environments and weather conditions. Even if the buses are working round-the-clock, drivers can expect the same performance from the cameras since cables are water-proof and sealed for safety. It even comes with infrared for night vision, which can prove helpful when the company requires the bus to run at night, or at times when there is near-zero visibility.

In short, adding a reversing camera kit for a commercial bus can prepare you for the road. With a reversing camera for a commercial coach bus or school bus, the driver will be confident and aware of the activities in the blind spots. As a bus owner and operator, safety should always be a priority. Reverse Safe’s cameras are configured to take away the worries so you can get back to what matters the most- driving the bus while securing your precious passengers.