Car Stereo Upgrade for Ford Falcon 1998-2000 AU Series I – Facia Grey

High-quality Complete Car Stereo Upgrade kit for your Ford Falcon 1998-2000 AU Series I – Facia Grey.

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Integrated Navigation System HEMA Maps for KENWOOD DDX/DMX 4WD Navigation Upgrade

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Add Dash Camera. Works with select Kenwood multimedia receivers

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High-quality Complete Car Stereo Upgrade kit for your Ford Falcon 1998-2000 AU Series I – Facia Grey

Head Unit  Installations kit

For Ford Falcon 1998-2000 AU Series I-Facia Grey Head Unit Installation Kit includes:

  • Double Din Stereo Fascia Panel-Grey
  • Universal SWC Retention Interface
  • Headunit Secondary ISO Harness & SWC Patch Lead

*Price does not include installation.
*We do not offer support for DIY installation.
*We advise professional installation.

Kenwood  Head Unit





Kenwood DDX/DMX Hema 4WD Navigation Upgrade




Our Integrated Navigation system, seamlessly integrates Hema 4WD Navigation into Kenwood DDX/DMX Non-Navigation Multimedia units. The system is completely offline, meaning no reliance on a mobile phone or 4G connection, and it comes preloaded with the complete digital collection of Hema Maps preloaded.

Once the Navigation System is connected to the Kenwood Head Unit, the Navigation Icon on the screen will allow the navigation to be easily accessed.

The Integrated Hema 4WD System includes the following features:-
Automotive Grade Navigation Computer

  • Hema 4WD Nav upgrade with Hema Maps complete collection of digital maps (OziExplorer CE)
  • Connects and integrates seamlessly into Kenwood DDX/DMX Units*


Kenwood Reverse Cameras



If you’re a music lover, you’ll know, when it comes to listening to your favourite song while driving, “it’s all about the bass” – so let’s talk music streaming quality.

A good sound system has quality Car Speakers, brings the “woof” into your Woofer and Amplifiers that literally amp up the sound.


Why choose a large cone? A large cone speaker can more effectively move air from the amplifier (amp), which makes it more efficient. The larger cone size also has a lower resonant frequency, resulting in it producing more bass.

Compared to a small cone speaker, the difference is the level of bass, and in particular, mid-bass. To achieve anything close to the levels any music lover would want, a small cone speaker needs to move a lot more, to counter this. More movement equals more wear, which soon results in sound and clarity distortion. Therefore, less expensive units may sound fine for a few years, but then the quality quickly nosedives.

When looking for an upgrade for your car’s sound system, or if you’re shopping for someone special who’s a bit of a music lover, our Team are here assist. We’ll help you find the right speakers for your budget and hold all the best brands, which means, we’ve got speakers for most car makes and models, too.

When it comes to speakers, we’re leaders in the industry.


As the name suggests, an amp literally amplifies the sound clarity. As the audio signal (music/sound) passes through the voice coil, the speaker driver reacts, according to the audio waveform, and we hear the soundwaves, as unique voice, or music, characteristics, that we can identify as not only a specific sound, or tune, but the singer, speaker, and instruments used.

Your amplifier is the device that enables that signal to be clear, strong, and recognisable. The better the quality of amplifier, the greater the signal clarity and individuality.

Amps and speakers go together like strawberries and cream, but it can be confusing if you’re not into sound systems. Our Team are experts in car sound systems and can advise and guide you to find the ideal system for you. And, as we’re one of the best in the business, we have systems to suit most vehicles 😊

And if you’re a bit of an expert on systems yourself, great! we’d love to have a chat about your needs and wants – there’s nothing our guy’s love to do more than talk shop

What is a Woofer ?

A woofer is a speaker that focuses on the low-end of the audible spectrum, with a narrow frequency. The word “WOOFER” comes from the sound a dog makes when barking with a deep bark. A woofer allows for that bass sound we all enjoy, and it also has another benefit, when it comes to speakers. Depending on the design, a speaker may have a smaller voice coil, and therefore less thermal capacity. This often results in overheating and failing. Budget cars often have inexpensive sound systems and drivers may find, especially if the vehicle is eight or more years old, that occasionally their sound system just cuts out. This can be for several reasons but is also likely due to the voice coil thermal capacity.

This issue can be resolved with a woofer, because the high-pass crossover point is raised to reduce the amount of power sent to the speaker. At Reverse Safe, we have an extensive range of woofers, suitable for most make and models. Whether you’re looking to enhance or upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

What does a Sub-Woofer do?

As the name suggests, a sub-woofer is a subsidiary to a woofer. The best way to explain the difference between a woofer and a sub-woofer is to describe a woofer as a type of speaker that hits a low frequency, thus improving the sound and quality of sound, while a sub-woofer does the same thing, but on an even narrower frequency.

While a woofer covers a frequency range of 20Hz to 2Hz, a subwoofer focuses on the very narrow range of 20Hz to 200Hz. By focusing on this narrow spectrum, a sub-woofer creates a fuller, deeper, sound. The downside is, as this range is so narrow, any unit that has a sub-woofer, will need other speakers that can cover the other frequencies.

Which is better? Depends on your needs, budget, and your love of bass 😉

When looking to upgrade your sound system, our Team of trained professionals is here to help. We can look at your needs, your make and model of vehicle, and your budget, and assess what would work best for you. We hold all the top brands, which means, we have a sound system suitable for most cars.

Reversing Camera add-on or Retention of Digital Camera

Reversing camera units are one of the best ways to ensure your safety, and that of your family, when using your vehicle. Whether you’re upgrading, or installing, Reverse Safe has the right Reverse Camera system for your vehicle.

And, at Reverse Safe, we hold an extensive range of Retention-Add on Camera adaptors, to suit most popular vehicles. Our extensive range of plug-in OEM Reverse Camera Retention Harnesses, suitable for most vehicle makes and models, enable factory-fitted cameras to work with compatible aftermarket units.

Take a look at our range of products, and if your unsure, or can’t find the make and model suitable for your vehicle, our trained and knowledgeable Team can assist you with your questions and offer guidance.


In the past few years, all drivers have access to advanced technology, not that long ago only available to the very wealthy. Bluetooth is a perfect example of this.

While Bluetooth technology has been available for some years, the original cost having Bluetooth technology was prohibitive to all but the wealthy and their expensive cars. Why? Because the technology itself was expensive.

But that is no longer the case.

Now, if you have a Bluetooth Receiver, it’s a quick and easy task to pair a Bluetooth-ready device with your car’s AUX input. And once connected, you’re able to take calls hands-free, use your cars sound system to play music, and so much more.

But how does it work?

Bluetooth works in a similar way to an FM transmitter, but ensures you receive, crisp, static-free sound. You will need an auxiliary input to use Bluetooth. Most modern car models have these already built-in, however, older models may not. If your vehicle is older, and you’d like to take advantage of Bluetooth technology, speak to one of our Team about upgrading your sound system, to one with Bluetooth capabilities.

We have a wide range of sound systems, and our friendly Team look forward to answering your questions and helping you to find the right system, and/or incorporating Bluetooth technology into your current vehicle. Not sure if your vehicle is Bluetooth ready? No problem! We’re here to help. We have units to suit most makes and models.

Think you can’t afford to upgrade? You might be surprised at how inexpensive your upgrade is, and don’t forget we offer Afterpay.

Still unconvinced? Here’s just a short list of ways Bluetooth technology can improve your driving enjoyment, and even your car’s performance:

  • Make & Receive calls
  • Send & Receive text messages
  • Stream Music Wirelessly
  • Internet access into your car
  • Diagnose possible engine problems

CarPlay & Android Audio

CarPlay, (Apple) enables your car’s radio, or head unit, to be a display, & controller. It’s available on iPhone models from iPhone5 and is used by all major vehicle manufacturers.

CarPlay adapts to your vehicles display size and control interfaces, offering advantages such as touchscreen, steering-wheel controls and hands-free microphones

For those vehicles without CarPlay already installed, Reverse Safe has a complete range of vehicle audio product’s suited for your make and model of vehicle, and budget. Our knowledgeable Sales Team can assist with helping you select the ideal product for your needs, and our Service Team can arrange the fitting.

Not an Apple person? No problem. Android Audio has been designed to mirror your smartphone features, on your car dashboard. Once your preferred unit has been installed, the Android Auto system mirrors specific supported apps, such as GPS Mapping, Navigation, SMS, and Music Playback, among others. This system supports both button-controlled and touchscreen, as well as the invaluable voice-command controlled hands-free option.

Your Guide to Front & Rear Driving Recorders

Let’s start with some terminology. Driving Recorder or Dash Cam? Dash Cam is a video camera mounted in a vehicle, and although called a “DASH” cam, most people mount them on their windscreens. The terms DASH CAM, DRIVING RECORDER, IN-CAR CAMERA, and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), are used synonymously, the various names have come about through marketing and because, in general, and especially in Australia, people like to shorten names and terms.

How do they work & why should I have one?

Driving recorders are beneficial for several reasons, and while it may be fun to watch a funny video on Youtube that’s been recorded by a dash-cam, the truth is, they serve many useful, functional, real-life purposes, for example, recording an event, such as an accident, to give to the police, or your insurance company.

When considering purchasing a Driving Recorder, it’s also important to consider the value in having both FRONT & REAR cameras. While front camera’s capture the footage ahead or in front of you, back/rear cameras increase your video coverage, giving you a much clearer picture of what is happening behind you, and in the case of an accident, your insurance company a detailed picture (literally) of what happened, even prior to the collision.

While most people tend toward purchasing a front driving recorder, having both front and rear cameras is very useful. By capturing front and back, you always have a complete record of events. And if there’s a dispute over an incident, you have indisputable you can pass on to the police, insurance company, or other parties.

How do I choose the right camera(s)?

There are many units available, and the price-range, and quality of recording, often reflects the price. Put simply, if the video is of such poor quality that you cannot clearly see/read things like number plates, then one of the major reasons for purchasing your driver recorder, is diminished.

Which is why you need to speak to experts in this field.

If you’re unsure of what unit is right for you, don’t be discouraged, we’re here to help. Our professional and trained Team can assist you with a unit ideally suited to your budget and make of car, and, because we are leaders in our field, we hold all the major brands.

Technology changes quickly, and that’s why our guys continue to be trained in the latest updates and upgrades. And with our extensive range, we have units to suit most vehicles.

What is digital radio?

Described as “the next generation” of radio, digital radio receivers can decode and receive a digital program stream, enabling you to hear, and in the case of built-in screens, see, exceptional quality audio.

It’s literally a digital signal instead of analogue.

The advantages include improved audio quality as well as transmission of additional program information such as weather forecasts, news headlines, and, for radio stations, listing song tiles, artist names etc.  Advanced digital radios offer more detailed information, and digital imagery, such as album cover art. Some even give you the option to pause live radio, while you answer the phone – a great advantage for drivers who use our vehicles for work, or find they need to multi-task a lot. And, unlike music streaming services, there is no need to worry about data usage, due to how the data package is broadcast.

In Australia, we use an upgraded version of the global Digital Audio Broadcasting standard called DAB+. It’s not only more energy-efficient, but the delivery is also less expensive than FM and AM broadcasting.

Examples include program information to show what is on now and coming up next, weather forecasts, news headlines, and for music stations you can see artist and track names.

More advanced digital radios allow the display of images – weather information, album cover art, presenter information and more. Some also allow you to record radio programs for later playback, or even pause live radio while you answer the phone.

Sounds great right?

Well, it is. At Reverse Safe, our experienced and professional Team, can assist you in updating your system, or upgrading your current digital radio. We offer an extensive range of units, suited to most popular car models.

Sound Deadening

What is Sound Deadening?

This term refers to lessening, or stopping metal ‘rattle’ sounds, by diminishing or absorbing unwanted noise. Sound deadening is an aspect of soundproofing – removing or reducing unwanted car noise by placing a material over the metal, to absorb and reduce vibration.

In its simplest form, sound deadening can be described as the transference a sound from one area to another. By insulating, or absorbing a rattle, or other unwanted sound, that sound is transferred to the insulation material, rather than to the sound system.

How can a car be sound deadened, or sound proofed?

There is no way (yet) to entirely soundproof your vehicle, however, there are things that can be done to greatly improve the ‘rattle and vibrations’ such as using damping mats, the use of application-specific foams, or even ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly.

Reducing noise and vibrations will not only improve the overall enjoyment car travel, it will also enable your audio system to perform without ‘rattles and car noise chatter’ thus increasing your enjoyment of your sound system while driving.

Front & Rear Parking Sensors

I think it’s fair to say, one of the hardest skills for drivers to learn is effective parking. And this anxiety often remains with even experienced drivers, especially when driving an unfamiliar car, or when attempting to reverse or parallel park.

But now, almost all new vehicles come with parking sensors, thus reducing the possibly of accidently scraping your vehicle on a curb, or against another car – and reducing anxiety greatly.

And this inexpensive technology is also available to most non-factory fitted vehicles.

Consisting of front and rear, these sensors are commonly placed at the either the front, or rear bumper of the vehicle, and in many cases, both front and rear.

Front Sensors: prevent parking scrapes & bumps and help the Driver to detect obstacles (raised curb/child’s scooter etc.) that may be out of the Drivers site of vision, from the front.

Rear Sensors: prevent parking scrapes & bumps and help the Driver to detect obstacles (shopping trolley etc.) that may be out of the Drivers site of vision and have been shown to reduce reversing accidents by 15% or more.

Purchasing, and installing is made a simple task when you contact one of our Team for guidance and advice. The investment is a small one compared to the cost of repairs to the vehicle, the loss of value on your car, and post importantly the safety and security of knowing you are making you, and your family, safer.

Front & Rear Camera

There is no denying having front and rear camera’s is literally potentially lifesaving, however, many people don’t realise that, in most cases, even for older cars, there is suitable a front and rear camera option.

The purpose of your camera is to record both what is happening ahead, or behind you, and has happened in front, or behind you, serving as both a warning device, and as recorded evidence, if needed, later. Having video evidence of any events, whether you’re directly involved or not, is beneficial to you, the police, other drivers, and your insurance company – or indeed, the opposing insurance company, where there may be a dispute of the events leading to, and cause of, an accident, with another vehicle.

Front Camera: Gives the driver a clear view of the road ahead.

Rear Camera: records what is happening, and has happened, behind you.

The quality of the video is important, as is finding the correct unit for your personal, or business use, and your make and model. There are units that suit most vehicles, and at Reverse Safe, we have a wide variety, for the most popular brands.

Kenwood Car Radio

Kenwood is one of the best-known, and sort-after brands, and at Reverse Safe, we have a complete range of Kenwood products, including an extensive range of Kenwood Car Radios. And while Kenwood’s reputation has the customer thinking quality, Kenwood products remain affordable.

Reverse Safe offers an extensive range of Kenwood Car Radios, with a unit suitable for most cars, as well as installation, and advice. Call our Team on 1300 987 35 or contact us to discuss installing or upgrading your Kenwood Car Radio.


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