If you’re a music lover, you’ll know, when it comes to listening to your favourite song while driving, “it’s all about the bass” – so let’s talk music streaming quality.

A good sound system has quality Car Speakers, brings the “woof” into your Woofer and Amplifiers that literally amp up the sound.


Why choose a large cone? A large cone speaker can more effectively move air from the amplifier (amp), which makes it more efficient. The larger cone size also has a lower resonant frequency, resulting in it producing more bass.

Compared to a small cone speaker, the difference is the level of bass, and in particular, mid-bass. To achieve anything close to the levels any music lover would want, a small cone speaker needs to move a lot more, to counter this. More movement equals more wear, which soon results in sound and clarity distortion. Therefore, less expensive units may sound fine for a few years, but then the quality quickly nosedives.

When looking for an upgrade for your car’s sound system, or if you’re shopping for someone special who’s a bit of a music lover, our Team are here assist. We’ll help you find the right speakers for your budget and hold all the best brands, which means, we’ve got speakers for most car makes and models, too.

When it comes to speakers, we’re leaders in the industry. Contact us to discuss your sound system and speaker needs. & don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!


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