Learn the Difference and Invest Wisely

In manual reversing the rules that apply cannot be termed as safe at all. These include:

  • Go round your vehicle and check out all the blind spots, objects or children who maybe playing behind the vehicle.
  • Using your mirrors on both sides
  • Check to see there are no vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists behind you.
  • Turn on the vehicle and reverse slowly ensuring you check all around
  • Keep your eyes fixed on the rear window
  • If it gets complicated get someone to guide you.

In this 21st Century, life has become more sophisticated and fast moving than in the past days. You will bear witness that the above reversing rules cannot really apply in this day and age because they are so limiting.

Getting to walk around your vehicle does not guarantee any safety especially with the large trucks. The mirrors will not help much either as the large trucks actually do not allow you to see the rear part through the mirrors.

The safest way out of all these manual problems is investing in reversing cameras. You may have noticed that new vehicles are coming already installed with reverse cameras to make reversing easier for you. The best part is that even old vehicles can get these cameras installed allowing you to enjoy the luxury of safe driving.

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, the 21st century developments allows you enjoy reversing as well as normal driving. The cameras installed in the rear part and sending you live coverage through your monitor installed in the dashboard eliminates all the stress associated with driving and reversing both day and night.

Reverse Safe are a trusted partner who will advise, supply and install any type of camera according to your needs. What are you waiting for, ditch the manual old way and get it all digitalized!