Caring for your Reverse Cameras

Once installed, the Reverse Cameras will need care from the driver to ensure they serve him for a long period of time. Reverse CamerasThough Reverse Safe have made it possible to have a warrant on your reverse cameras, it is important to keep them properly cared for to ensure damage is minimized. It doesn’t take up too much time to care for your reversing cameras just requires frequent checks to ensure they are intact.
Some maintenance tips include:
· Ensure your camera is well secured and mounted properly – Rest assured that Reverse Safe will do a thorough job, but you will need to check the reverse cameras to see if they are still properly attached at the back of your vehicle from time to time. Check to see the bolts are not coming loose and tighten any that may be loose. The frequent checks ensure your camera does not fall off while you are driving.

· Clean the Rear Cameras – Reversing Cameras attract dirt, oil, and mud because they are installed on the outside. If this dirt is not removed immediately, they completely obstruct the rear view making it difficult for you to see the back area. By keeping the cameras clean with a soft cloth especially if you have driven through a muddy patch, you maintain a clear view of the rear.

· Check the connection and the cables – Loose cables are a potential cause for power outage which affects the performance and proficiency of the camera system. Both wired and wireless connections require constant checkups to ensure they are properly connected and working.

· Inspect the reverse camera casing once every few months – Reverse Safe ensures that all your reverse cameras are waterproof. Check the seals and bushings frequently to ensure they are still intact. Any broken seal or bushing will allow the moisture in and damage the inner parts. A thorough inspection allows you to note any upcoming problem early and repair it before it gets worse.