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Described as “the next generation” of radio, digital radio receivers can decode and receive a digital program stream, enabling you to hear, and in the case of built-in screens, see exceptional quality audio.

It’s literally a digital signal instead of an analogue.

The advantages include improved audio quality as well as transmission of additional program information such as weather forecasts, news headlines, and, for radio stations, listing song titles, artist names etc.  Advanced digital radios offer more detailed information, and digital imagery, such as album cover art. Some even give you the option to pause live radio, while you answer the phone – a great advantage for drivers who use our vehicles for work, or find they need to multi-task a lot. And, unlike music streaming services, there is no need to worry about data usage, due to how the data package is broadcast.

In Australia, we use an upgraded version of the global Digital Audio Broadcasting standard called DAB+. It’s not only more energy-efficient, but the delivery is also less expensive than FM and AM broadcasting.

Logo DAB+

Examples include program information to show what is on now and coming up next, weather forecasts, news headlines, and for music stations you can see artist and track names.

More advanced digital radios allow the display of images – weather information, album cover art, presenter information and more. Some also allow you to record radio programs for later playback, or even pause live radio while you answer the phone.

Sounds great right?

Well, it is. At Reverse Safe, our experienced and professional Team, can assist you in updating your system, or upgrading your current digital radio. We offer an extensive range of units, suited to most popular car models.

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