Reversing Gone Crazy – A true story

Reversing can easily get out of hand and become very messy.  The story below depicts how much we take reversing for granted and think we can handle it all by ourselves.

Reversing out of the parking slot turned disastrous for this Russian man when he tried his reversing tricks.  Disembarking his hot Subaru car he smashed three stationery cars and seriously damaged his car.

The driver of this white Subaru car lost his bumper after he pulled out of a parking space and knocked on the car parked next to him.  He realized what had happened and quickly leapt out of the vehicle to try and collect his bumper.

In doing so, he forgot to put his handbrake on and his car rolled back into another parked car and smashed it badly.  Do not forget that his car also got smashed in the process.  He inched his smashed Subaru forward slightly trying hard not to make any more mistakes.

He had already made disastrous mistakes in the car park and was getting very frustrated. As he drove away, he forgot that his door was opened and collided with another parked car.  The video clip was filmed in Russia and shared with hundreds of thousands watching and laughing at the poor man.

One thing that nobody mentioned was that all this could be avoided if this man could have gotten himself the rear view cameras that allow clear view of the back side of the vehicle.  Reverse cameras will keep you out of such mess if you install then in your car.

You will be able to see your rear side and avoid all the blind spots and other cars that are parked near you.  They will make your life easy and beautiful as you park and disembark like a pro!