Make Your Company Vehicles Reversing-Ready Using These Suggestions

Company vehicles are valuable corporate resources which can be helpful in different aspects and phases of the operations. However, these corporate resources can also become a problem and liability especially when these are not properly operated and maintained. For example, vehicles may get involved in reversing accidents, one of the most common accidents in the workplace. Reversing accidents do not just result in injuries to the drivers and pedestrians; these accidents can also cause costly damages to plant, the vehicles and equipment. Or worse, these accidents can lead to lost productivity, or even hospitalization of workers.

Most of these incidents in the workplace can be avoided with the right investment in safety products and accessories, and of course the practice of safety precaution. Here’s a quick look at the upgrades and changes that the company can make on their fleet of vehicles.

Company vehicles should use the most appropriate route when reversing and maintain a comfortable distance from other vehicles.

Drivers should boost their visibility when reversing. Poor visibility is often the problem in many reversing accidents. To boost driver visibility, companies can invest in a number of visibility aids like convex segment wing mirrors, reversing mirrors or reversing camera systems. Speaking of installation, these devices should be properly installed according to the specifications. If possible, work with a professional company that can install these devices confidently.

Once all these safety devices and accessories have been installed, these devices should be properly maintained and kept clean. For example, reversing mirrors should be wiped clean to allow a clear view of the environment.

Adding audible alarms will also help warn pedestrians about reversing vehicles but the results may be limited depending on the ‘noise created’. The alarms should be audible enough to be heard by many in noisy work conditions. But one has to be careful when choosing the type of audible alarms, making sure that it’s within the accepted decibel ratings.

It also pays to choose conspicuous or highly visible colors for corporate vehicles. These should help increase visibility, and allow pedestrians and other workers to react faster.

These are just some of the best suggestions that one can take when it comes to preparing the vehicles for reversing jobs. Just remember that some of these systems are just an aid, and should never be used as a substitute to driver awareness and all-around visibility.