Toyota LC200 Sahara VX Premium Street Navigation System

This product has been discontinued.

Many vehicles are now coming standard with factory navigation, but unfortunately, some key features that drivers are used to are not supported. For example, safety cameras, speed alerts, school zones, GPS speed, and much more. Navigation updates can also be very expensive. So rather than investing in updates, it can be more beneficial long term to add a more up-to-date and better featured after-market navigation system instead.

The VX and Sahara LandCruiser 200 Series have a beautiful high resolution 9 inch display and our Advanced ICE Integrated Navigation system adds full iGO primo NextGen Navigation and Hema 4WD Nav with their complete collection of digital maps into the factory screen. A simple long press the β€œNAV” button will allow complete control of the iGO Street mapping and Hema Maps directly through the existing touch screen in the vehicle.

If you tow a caravan this system includes the functionality of the 1409-3, so why not use the existing large screen as a rear view mirror by connecting a Caravan/Trailer camera as well.

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