Dash Camera- Your Reliable Partner on the Road (Even you are Not Around)

With so many aftermarket parts and advanced safety systems offered in the market, drivers and car owners may end up developing a ‘buyer fatigue’. Yes, these products and accessories are known to improve the looks of your vehicle and may even enhance its performance, but with so many products to choose from, buying another gadget may seem like chore. While this may seem like a natural response, keep in mind that there are a few more electrical devices that are worth adding to your car even if it’s already souped-up and safe. One helpful electrical device that can be added to your car is a dash camera.

What’s in a dash camera?
Dash cameras are now popular additions to vehicles, especially in private and service vehicles. As the name suggests, this is a camera that’s fitted on the windshield and designed as a specialized onboard surveillance camera which can track, monitor and record driving activities and incidents. There are two general types of dash camera that’s available in the market, depending on the targeted field of view. The cameras can offer an exterior view (front or back views) or cabin view. Whatever the type of dash camera ordered in the market, this electrical gadget can serve as your partner on the road, even if you are not looking. Based on its design, the camera will immediately capture images and activities as soon as the ignition has been started. The camera can record footage using an auto-looping mechanism. Most models are known to offer real-time impact detection, and all recorded footage can be reviewed afterward, allowing the drivers and car owners complete confidence even when they are not around.THINKWARE DASH CAM X550

An investment and an ‘extra eye on the road’

Reversing cameras including the ones from Thinkware which is available at ReverseSafe are more than trend add-ons. More than jumping into the bandwagon, adding a dash cam can serve a purpose, to monitor the activities around the vehicle even if you are not around. Adding a dash cam on your vehicle is like getting an ‘extra eye on the road’ as it helps record videos using an auto-looping mechanism. With its real-time impact detection mechanism, the dash cam can capture an incident and store it in a secure location as soon as it detects an impact. The captured video can be reviewed at a latter time, which is extremely helpful during court reviews and insurance claims. If the driver is on the safe side and not at fault, then the captured videos can protect the driver from stressful lawsuits and expensive litigation. Insurance frauds can be avoided too, thanks to the captured videos of the dash camera.

In an age of gadgets and consumer electronics, one is motivated to buy these products on the basis of trends, and not on potential benefits. This should not be the case if one wants to become a responsible driver on the road. Some of today’s best gadgets like a dash cam is a cost-effective addition to the vehicle. It’s best to add one not because it’s cool and trendy; add one to get a trusted partner on the road which can serve as your ‘extra eye’ even if you are not looking!