Dangers Associated with Reversing Vehicles and What Companies Can Do

Accidents are harsh realities on the roads, but these can be avoided. Just take the case of reversing; a truck or an excavator that is reversing can cause accidents or injuries on the road and the work area, which can put a strain on productivity, corporate resources and compromise the health of workers and pedestrians. And the costs and risks associated with reversing are huge. In Ireland, a recent survey indicates that 11-percent of all fatal workplace transport accidents are linked to reversing activities. The same is true in Australia; collision while reversing is a leading cause of accidents in the country, with 23,805 registered cases, accounting for 11 percent of all reported accidents in 2016. Most reversing accidents lead to injuries to the pedestrians, but in case no injuries are sustained, it can lead to damages to equipment, properties and the vehicle itself. These accidents are avoidable, unfortunately, not everyone practice safe driving or some fails to take advantage of engineering controls and safety devices.