Construction Reversing Camera System

In construction sites, the most dangerous thing to do is reverse that heavy truck without seeing where you are going. It Construction Reversing Camera Systemhas been said that what you don’t see poses much danger than what you see. Construction trucks are normally heavy and very loaded and mostly driven into the site in reverse to be able to offload.

Most construction trucks have fallen into holes/ditches and been there overnight trying to get them out. Installing reverse vision cameras is the way to go to ensure your construction trucks are secured. The Reverse Camera Systems saves every driver all the trouble to do the head checks, the hand signals, the mirrors etc.

All these human signals and checks do not help in any way when you are on the road, they only mess you up. Many drivers have been caught unawares by a sudden crash that they thought it was far off when they last checked.

Reverse Safe ensures your safety on the road by installing the reverse camera systems that report everything around you to you from the safety of your driver’s seat. These cameras are placed in the rear area and reports to the monitor installed on your dashboard. They make your life easy when driving making you relax and stay safe.

Five reasons you should seek Reverse Safe for these reverse cameras are:

  • All our cameras and cables are waterproof and fitted with the night vision allowing you to use them day and night.
  • All our cameras offer a warrant to ensure what is fitted gives you service for long.
  • Our customer care is very friendly and open to all of Australia 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • We offer an MDVR recording black box to record all cameras if required.
  • We install the reverse camera systems in all types of vehicles both on our site and wherever you may be located in Australia.