Common mistakes that occur during reversing

Many drivers are not very confident when it comes to reversing their vehicles especially on the busy driveways or from tightly parked parking lots. Many drivers end up making mistakes that may end up being costly if they cause an accident or bump into another vehicle.

Common mistakes include:

  • Not using the signals to warn that you are reversing or backing up. If you don’t signal, you might end up hitting the car right behind you that had no idea you were reversing. Signals help in warning other drivers to slow down as there is something you are planning to do.
  • Turning the wheels in the wrong direction. When first learning to reverse, this can be a very frustrating move. Until you learn the secret of turning the wheels in the direction that you want your rear to go, it will cost you time and energy to try to reverse or park that vehicle.
  • Miscalculating the position of the car. Especially in parking lots, there is a great tendency to miscalculate and park erroneously. That’s why after parking you will find many people get out of the car and walk around it to ensure they are parked in the right spot according to the law.
  • Accelerating too fast. Another reverse secret that many do not know is the art to control your brakes. Many do not understand that when reversing you are driving as well, and you need to be in control of your gas and brakes.

Most of these mistakes that we make are out of the numerous head and mirror checks that we have to do as we are reversing. These mistakes can be avoided by investing in Reverse Camera Systems that allow you to see the rear side of your vehicle from the comfort of your driver’s seat without the many head checks. Enquire today and get all the advice you need for free from Reverse Safe!