Bus Reversing Camera System

Buses offer comfort travel to a large number of people, the more reason they should be safe to travel in.  When driving a Bus Reversing Camera Systemlarge vehicle like a bus, enough rear vision is required to ensure you can clearly see the road both front and back.  A big vehicle is known to take up more space on the road posing more danger to other road users increasing the rate of accidents.

Reverse Camera Systems should be the best technology installed in buses to replace the basic mirrors that most drivers use.  Rear vision cameras allow you to see directly behind your bus while still driving both during the day and night too.  On your dashboard, you get a monitor connected to display everything the cameras get to see out there.

This gives confidence to the driver who can easily change lanes, reverse, park and leave the parking without the head checks that easily lead to mistakes.  Reverse Safe is your partner when it comes to recommending, supplying and installing the right reverse camera systems that your buses requires to stay safe on the road.

We provide you with the latest reverse camera kit that allows your driver to stay confident on the road ensuring the passengers arrive safely.  All Reverse Safe cameras are connected using cables making it safer and reliable to track the rear vision and report to the monitor.  Cabling is done carefully and is all waterproofed to ensure the cameras work at all times in all seasons.

Reverse Safe guarantees quality and the right installation by ensuring you have a signed warrant that gives you access to repair or replacement once it’s broken or damaged within the safe period.  Our customer care is the best in the entire Australia ensuring that every person is served any day any time as per their needs.