Volkswagen RCD440 PRO – CarPlay / Android Auto Infotainment headunit

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Additional Accessories

Parking assist camera

Product Details


Composition Media & AppConnect

supports Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

For below vehicles:

Golf / EOS Mk5 / Mk6

Jetta Mk5 / Mk6

Polo 6R


Passat / CC Mk5


Beetle 1L Series

This unit also comes with essential / standard features like :

FM / AM radio (non DAB)

Bluetooth Phone / Audio

Meda interface – USB / SD card

Those 2007 ~ 2009 or 2010 models often have old CANGATE module fitted in the car, designed for old gen RCD / RNS audio units.

If our unit gets fitted on those cars, it will cause battery drain due to the unit’s power on / off function will not work properly.

Best to check if your car is in that case, is by checking designs of the steering wheel controls.

If the car has the ROUND designed Steering wheel controls, It will need ‘CANGATE HARNESS’ ($80)

If it has current design then It won’t need any additional parts for using this unit in your car.

For those vehicles with Idle Engine On / Off

The feature itself won’t damage the headunit, however in terms of usage within CarPlay / Android Auto,

It will go through constant connect / disconnect of the phone and audio’s sync

Which may result an error down the track, hence It’s best to use without the Idle Engine function.


Each camera option will come with a relay.

It will provide the smart parking view – the rear sight will still be on the screen when you put the car from Reverse to Drive / park, for certain time

*Badge camera is only compatible with Golf Mk5/Mk6 and Passat sedan / CC

**Trunk handle camera will only fit to certain models – Tiguan / Passat wagon & Jetta.

*Camera Compatibility:

If the original camera have a moving guidline function, the camera adapter won’t be compatbile.

It’s somewhat safe to say that most of those VW’s original reverse cameras are not copmatible with the RCD440PRO.

Having said that, It will need an adapter to convert video source, or probably the best to install a new one.

Remember that this particular headunit was designed for those older gen models those didn’t even have the camera

as an optional accessories from factory.

* This unit does not support Front Camera Installation nor conversion.

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