BMW ID6 NBT EVO iDrive – Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration

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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for BMW NBT EVO6 iDrive
Compatible with almost every ID6 setup equipped vehicles, from 2017 (MY18) to current.
This product only works with iDrive control pad – Touch screen will only work with native iDrive functions.


CarPlay & Android Auto Screen resolution

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in 1200 x 480p resolution, to match the native display / resolution of iDrive EVO6

We use 2 different products for BMW EVO6 iDrive.

Option #1

It supports Touch screen control, as well as using the iDrive Control pad,

and also supports the Day / Night mode switch within Android Auto.

But in return, It doesn’t support wide resolution of BMW dislay – 1280 x 480

Hence It’s fixed to 800 480 and does give a stretched look like above photos.

Whereas the Option #2 – The one you looking at right now.

Does not support a touch screen control input nor Day & Night mode switching function within CarPlay / Android Auto.

However It has a proper scaled resolution – 1200 x 480p


Most of ID6 NBT EVO equipped vehicles do not have an AUX input.
If that’s the case, the AUX needs to be activated – either by us (+$100)
or through your local BMW Specialists / Installer who can offer the coding serivce.

Otherwise, We do offer an USB to AUX Adapter:

You might have some back ground noise on high volume

Daytime / Night mode Switching – Android Auto (NOT SUPPORTED)

This product doesn’t offer automatic Day / Nightmode switching when the headlight of the car is Off / On.
It has to be manually done from the Google Map App itself.

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