Residential & Commercial Excavation

Business: Residential & Commercial Excavation

Industry: Construction

Location: Bayswater North, Victoria


As a leading provider of site cuts and excavation works in Melbourne, Victoria, our client only provides the best construction and related services, rendered and supported by highly trained and competent heavy equipment operators. The company is known for a number of earthworks-related services in the area, often serving construction project sites, industrial developments and basement construction. With decades’ worth of experience in the business, the company has supplied the market with a special team of estimators that can offer highly competitive pricing and job quotations, initiate earthwork projects within 4 days and carry the projects according to specifications, deliver excavation levels completed to within +/- 10mm of the national requirement, provide constant communication with supervisors and other stakeholders. The team is also expected to supply the project sites and work areas with highly effective and reliable heavy equipment operators, especially trained operators of hydraulic excavators and bob cats compact track loaders.

Hydraulic excavators and compact track loaders like the Bobcat T595 used by the company are heavy-duty workers, and reliable when it comes to excavating, pushing and digging applications. And when operated by highly effective operators, these can become important resources in the heavy equipment and construction industry which can easily promote safety and efficiency. Unfortunately, safety and cost-effectiveness are two things that are hard to accomplish in the construction industry, even if you have the best operators on the field. When operators and the equipment itself are not fitted with industry-leading safety equipment and technologies, safe practices can only go so far. And this is exactly the main concern for the company as it registered a number of accidents and near-misses concerning their bob cats in the past few months.


Just recently, the management reported an accident involving a Bobcat that’s fitted with a backhoe attachment which is being transferred onto a waiting trailer for it to be transported to another project area. It was common practice for the project teams to constantly move their equipment and units, a Bobcat included, to meet the project requirements of different contractors and clients in various locations in and around Melbourne, Victoria. During one routine loading and transfer of the unit, the attachment came in contact with a trailer, thus preventing its proper loading. It was reported that the operator got out of the equipment, and attempted to reconnect the hoses and re-entered the equipment.

In another instance, an employee operated the Bobcat and reversed it without warning, injuring another worker who was busy tending to his task beside the unit. These are just two instances that showcase the risks that come with the use of Bobcats, especially when these are not fitted with safety accessories and devices. To avoid these kinds of accidents and minimize the risks, reversing cameras or even recording cameras may be used.


After setting up with a meeting with the management, our team recommended the installation of a reversing camera system which can guide the operator of the Bobcats when backing up. At Reverse Safe, we only carry the most durable and efficient reversing camera systems, available in camera and design configurations. For the purpose of this safety request, we installed a dash mount reversing 1-camera system, with the monitor installed on the left side of the operator, near the window.

This reversing camera system is one of the most durable units from our product catalog, making it the right fit for the project sites. Aside from the camera, the kit also comes with heavy-duty cables that are sealed for safety. The reversing camera is also waterproof and comes with infrared, allowing the operators to work round the clock, if necessary. And because the management wants to take the safety of the workers seriously, we also added an MDVR recording black box. This equipment will record the activities captured by the camera, which can help the operator and management thresh out and analyze accidents that may happen in the future.

Promoting safety, one project at time

As part of our commitment to safety, our team provides 24/7 customer support, and continuously monitor the implementation of the use of reversing camera systems in their fleet of Bobcats and related construction equipment. According to its workers and operators in the field, the addition of reversing camera systems on their Bobcats increased safety and efficiency, with fewer accidents reported. This also translated to savings on the part of the management. Since the risk of accidents has been minimized, fewer workers and operators were sent to the hospital, reducing downtime and cutting unnecessary costs that concerned the management the past years.