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Business: Civil Engineering and Construction

Industry: Construction

Location: Victoria, Australia      


With a promise to provide comprehensive civil engineering services for various clients based in Victoria, Melbourne, our client built a compelling portfolio of satisfied clients and investors. Since its establishment, the company has provided a range of construction and civil engineering services, covering a diverse set of industries and companies of different sizes. The company is known for road construction and reconstruction, concrete works, bridge construction, bulk earthworks, specialty works and major drainage and pipeline construction. In all these projects and commitments, the company is guided by its core values- quality services, the safety of the project sites, integrity at all times and collaboration with the right people. With a commitment to these values, the company has cultivated a portfolio of satisfied clients and customers, one project at a time. While it is known to accept various civil engineering and construction works, the company’s resource has been focused on road construction and reconstruction in recent years. For this segment, the management team handles a number of commercial and industrial projects, including shopping center and retail outlet developments. Just recently, it has ventured into shopping center development in Victoria, and the team was in charge of the project site preparation, and the construction of a large car park. For this specific project, the company was in charge of surveying works, drainage and sewer work, construction of the car park including asphalt, kerb, and channel and even landscaping. For all these projects, the project teams relied on their competent teams, and equally-critical resources involving different kinds of vehicles and construction heavy equipment units. While the team of drivers and operators of the company are trained in basic road and project site safety still, there were a number of reported incidents. These accidents, particularly reversing accidents on the road and project sites, have become serious safety concerns for the management. These reported accidents affected not just the flow of work and budget of the project team; these accidents certainly blemished the heralded reputation of the company. It seems that the Engineering and the Safety and Health teams failed to take into account a few critical engineering and safety controls, like reversing cameras and rubber reverse parking sensors that can be attached to the rear bumper. Reversing aids are certainly on the menu for this company that is heavily involved in road construction and civil works, and its use is critical in filling up the safety gaps reported recently.


Just like other construction companies based in Victoria, this company operates a number of vehicles and heavy equipment units. While it’s committed to zero-accident in the workplace, the company reported a few incidents. One incident happened months ago when at least two workers were injured in the workplace when a lorry reversed over them. According to the report and stories from the ground, the two workers were resting on the ground after lunch. It was shared that they were not allowed to rest or even sleep in the area and as expected, the lorry failed to seem them, and eventually reversed into them. This was obviously a negligent act of the driver, and one that could have been avoided only if all workers were informed, and the right safety devices have been in place. Another reversing accident has been reported as well, this time, it was a minor accident when a supervisor driving his service Ford pick-up reversed into a pedestrian. Thankfully, the victim simply fell to the ground and sat for a few minutes before standing up again. He said he was fine and was cooperative enough to be taken to the clinic. These two are critical reversing accidents, which could have been avoided if the right program and safety devices like reversing cameras and rubber reverse parking sensors, like the ones carried by Reverse Safe.


To ensure its safety at the workplace, we recommend the installation of rubber reverse parking sensors, which are normally fitted on the bumpers. The kit from Reverse Safe comes with a complete kit, with Main Control Box, 4 rubber flat sensors, buzzer speaker with ‘high-low-off’ buzzer options. For this project, we installed more than a dozen of these kits on Navara and Ford pickups, with the rubber flat sensors fitted on the rear end of the bumper. We assigned two rear rubber flat sensors on each side of the rear bumper. The sensor system will instantly turn on when the driver activates the gear, and will instantly alert the driver of any pedestrians or obstacles behind. It works with an internal siren, which increases its frequency of as the vehicle approaches the obstacles. Can work with reversing cameras or other safety devices for improved safety Normally, these parking sensors will work within 3 meters, which provides the drivers with ample response time to maneuver the vehicle in case some obstructions have been detected. Since it comes with four sensors, the installed product on each vehicle will also feature 4 detection zones for a more comprehensive sweep of the area. And just like other safety devices and products from Reverse Safe, these rubber reverse parking sensors come with a 12-month warranty, Just like reversing camera systems, the rubber reverse parking sensors are known to improve the level of safety in the workplace. When fitted together with other safety devices and accessories, the use of these reversing parking sensors will not only help build a working model based on safety but will also protect lives.