Bus and Coach Transport Services Company

Business: Bus and Coach Transport Services Company

Industry: Transportation

Location: Victoria      


As one of the premier coach and bus transport service providers in Australia, our client operate safe, reliable and efficient charter buses to meet the changing needs of customers and clients. At the core of its operations is safety and efficiency, and these can be seen in the quality of the charter buses used, and the best practices exemplified by its drivers and workers. To deliver reliable charter services to various clients, from schools to companies in need to move their employees, the management invested in a fleet of safe and high-quality buses that are equipped with all the standard safety equipment and accessories including seat belts. The fleet maintained by the operator features Mercedes-Benz buses, configured to seat different group sizes. The mini-buses that seat 21 to 24 passengers are great for small groups looking to move employees and young students. And organizations looking to move large groups and classes can count on the Mercedes-Benz buses that can accommodate up to 57 passengers.

All these buses are fitted with renowned German safety engineering. On top of the standard seat belts, all buses maintained by this company are fully air-conditioned, fitted with two-way radio and GPS tracking. But more than these standard features, the business requires another set of engineering controls and safety devices critical to its operations- reversing cameras with recording dash camera. Reversing cameras and recording dash cameras are complementary devices that are critical to the operations of the fleet of buses.


In a highly demanding coach and bus transport business, companies require all the best safety add-ons it can get to ensure the safety of the passengers, drivers and the pedestrians. As a charter bus provider, our client covers a number of services and client requests which include daily school runs and excursions, airport transfers, wedding transfers and other business trips. In all these trips, the bus operator and drivers should make sure that the passengers and clients are not just transferred from Point A to Point B, but they are moved in a safe and efficient manner. And this is where the common concerns and risks come into the picture. In its efforts to cover the needs and requirements of clients in Melbourne, Victoria, its fleet of buses are prone to near-misses and accidents on the road, even though the drivers are not at fault. The busy streets of Melbourne are often a test of the patience, but also the quality of safety equipment and accessories on these buses.

One of the common safety issues faced by bus drivers are terrifying near-misses with trucks or even concrete structures while carrying school children. When a bus is attempting a reverse on a busy street without a clear view of the road, then it can put the safety of everyone at risk. It may end up hitting a fast-moving vehicle on the road or hit a concrete barrier or structure within the area. These crashes can be costly and may put the welfare of the passengers at risks. And even though these are just near-misses, the effects are obvious. Near-misses on the roads are terrifying, and it can be traumatic for young children, students and the elderly. For our clients, these are the common safety issues raised and have continually hounded the drivers and the management.


At Reverse Safe, we make sure that our customers and target clientele are protected at all times on the road. Whether the drivers are reversing or cruising the streets, we have the right tools of the trade that can keep each trip, keep all passengers at ease and protect the business all the way. In the case of our client in Victoria and the bus and coach transport service industry in general, Reverse Safe can provide reverse cameras for charter buses and dash cam recorders which can help track the blind spot and record the activities on the road.

At Reverse Safe, there are three reversing camera system options- one that can be attached to the rearview mirror, fitted on the dash, or installed in the area where the stock radio is placed. For this specific project, our team installed a reversing camera system with one camera, and the monitor is added to the dashboard. The kit comes complete with accessories that are tested for severe weather conditions. After our team has completed the installation of the reversing camera system, it gave the driver of the bus a sweeping view of the blind side, allowing him to maneuver with safety. Accidents and near-misses were avoided, preventing possible costly expenses and even loss of lives. In fact, after the installation of the system, the management shared that clients (and passengers) have been very satisfied, thanks primarily to its zero-accident performance.

Improved Efficiency and Positive Outcomes

With the installation of a reversing camera system and a dash recorder, drivers of the company has reported increased safety and efficiency. Through the camera in place, maneuvering the bus during rush hours become easier and safer. And the addition of a dash recorder will even make the job on the road more safer since it can capture the action on the road. Recorded information can give the management easy access to data and complete tracking on the trips in and around Victoria, Australia. It can also serve as a protection for both the driver and the management, especially if the driver is not at fault during an accident. The recorded video can be used for employee performance assessment, and can also be used during litigation proceedings, when necessary.